The Circles Group

Denny Dyke, Labyrinth artist
Christine Moehring, Detail Designer
Joni Pitcher, Lead Groomer
Pamela Hansen, Director Photograpy
Teague Mercer, Videographer

 See you on the Sand
Featured on Oregon Coast Visitor's Association
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Labyrinth artist Denny Dyke creates 'walkable' art on the beach.  
Always a single path with no wrong turns or dead ends.  Walking the
sandy path of the labyrinth is an experience not to be forgotten.  
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Circles in the Sand
A labyrinth experience on the beach
Oregon Field Guide "Sand Labyrinths" by Jule Gilfillan
Aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting October 2015
Circles in the Sand
will be in the
1859 magazine
May/June 2016
AAA magazine
"Circles in the Sand"
Rogue Aerial Productions - July 2015
"Circles in the Sand"
Mike Fousie /
2011 when Circles was first starting
Circles in the Sand is supported largely
by contributions.
June's opening weekend was huge!
Over 500 pairs of feet walked the Sandy Path.
Next Draws are June 18th, 19th and 20th.  Join us on the Sand.
The Circles Group has decided to present their Public Draws on the beaches of Bandon, Oregon.  Face
Rock will continue to be the scheduled location but subject to change depending on sand conditions.   When
dates are available and you would like to assist as a Guest Labyrinth Groomer, reserve ahead of time as
space is limited.  If you would like to support our Public Draws please use the donate button below - we
cannot accept donations on the beach.  We are also looking for sponsors for our summer season.  For more
information email us at